Harmony and Hope Horse Haven

Equine rescue and retirement home

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Our Story

Equine rescue and retirement home.
Rescued horses not suitable for adoption find a permanent, lifetime home at Harmony and Hope.

Harmony and Hope Horse Haven, Inc. is an Arizona not-for-profit corporation with IRS approved 501c3 charitable organization status. 

Most of our members are retired Thoroughbred race horses. The Thoroughbreds are of all personalities, from regal and proud to silly and playful. Their ages range from five to 32 years old.
Harmony and Hope has accepted several stallions as permanent residents and among them are:
  • Medwick, a beautiful bay, took an injury during a track workout requiring surgery on a front leg to save his life and was sent to Harmony and Hope in 2008. 
  • Farmstone, as a result of track injuries, was retired and sent to Harmony and Hope in 2007.
  • Paradis and Hermes came to Harmony and Hope in the spring of 2006 after their owner passed away in 2005. 
Please explore our website to see more about our Harmony and Hope residents.
Pile of Old Rocks Ranch, home of Harmony and Hope Horse Haven, was moved from a 5 acre parcel in Phoenix to 40 acres near Portal, Arizona in 2005.
Ruth and Dennis have accepted and rescued Thoroughbreds from the racetracks since 1996, many times purchasing the horses to prevent them from being destroyed or sent on to slaughter. Until recently, all support of these horses has come from Ruth and Dennis' personal income. Vaccinations are given annually, worming quarterly, farrier service every six to eight weeks and special medications as needed.
Care of the Horses and Their Needs.
All money donated to Harmony and Hope goes directly to the care of the horses.  
Donations will be used for the purchase of hay, grains, medications and farrier services.
Harmony and Hope does have a Needs - Wish List
  • Gift certificates from feed stores, hay suppliers, and supply stores such as Home Depot.
  • Fencing and corral panels, new or used, in good condition.
  • Horse fly repellant spray and masks.
  • Water resistant, light to medium weight blankets for the older horses.
Thank you so much for your concern and desire to help these horses - we appreciate all the help you can give to the horses.

Ruth and Dennis